Are you buying, building or selling a home?

Purchasing or building a home is an emotional process, sometimes in our enthusiasm, lack of knowledge or misplaced trust we find ourselves spending more money than expected on unjustified costly repairs or wasting time and energy on drawn out litigation, in fact one in seven property transactions are accompanied by dispute in one form or the other in South Africa.



(South African Association of Certified Home Inspectors)

National network.

Our growing national network will provide an informed consultation with regards to the vital signs of a property, inline with inevitable changes in the property practitioners act.

Detailed visual inspection.

A SACHI property Inspection is a 300 point detailed and systematic visual Inspection of the condition of the property that will provide a transparent understanding of the property patent defects's general condition inline with InterNachi guidelines.

Our Reports.

Our reports do not offer a pass or fail result but simply an educated and unbiased opinion allowing buyers and sellers to negotiate with confidence.


We understand;

  1. You are busy.
  2. Your solution is unique.
  3. You’re not interested in being "pushed".

Investing in a relationship.

We work with the the party who contracted our services only, this may be the agent, the seller, buyer or investor. We do not share the findings of the report with any 3rd party without written authorisation from the client. We understand the need to provide the report within a prescribed time frame, generally we can commission a report within 48 hours of engagement.


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